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Announcements, Updates, Product Changes, and Important Customer Information

This page is designed to allow members of the Beanpop Marketplace and the Beanpop community at large to see important information you might have missed on the active Facebook pages. Please review this page periodically in order to stay up-to-date on new developments as Beanpop grows to serve its growing customer base!


Announcement 02-03-2016


Beginning with Batch 39 production, kid and adult underwear, neck bands on shirts/dresses, and coordinates on beanpopaloons purchased in mini group fabrics will have neutral colored banding to be chosen by Karen based on best match to the main fabric. Examples: white, ivory/cream, tan, brown, gray, black. These specific colors are not set in stone, but the concept is the same. Every pair of underwear will have neutral colored coordinate and every item in a specific fabric will have the same color coordinate.

Exception: IF the group agrees to (or has already) purchase(d) a coordinate that the group members pay for, for things like clothing, and the group wants to use that coordinate for undies, it must be stated in the event page in a post (not a comment), included in the fabric calculations information, AND included on the closed group form. If all of these things aren't accounted for, Karen cannot be expected to read our minds and a neutral coordinate will be used. 


Announcement 01-13-2016


In the recent review of pricing vs materials and production time, dresses and pants were evaluated along with undies (previously mentioned).Circle skirt dresses price will increase by $7 to $32, starting with Batch 44. This is primarily due to the amount of supplies and the increase in time cutting and sewing, compared to the racerback dresses. Racerback dress and tank prices will remain the same. 
Beanpopaloons price will increase by $7 to $25, starting with Batch 44. 
Thank you all for being a part of this growing community and making Beanpop what it is! 


Announcement 01-09-2016


Over the last few batches, I have evaluated PUL production. We have looked at the increase in time and work for all involved in the PUL diaper production process vs the volume of PUL diapers purchased each batch. Only 4 to 5 diapers each batch (13%) are PUL, which decreases efficiency. PUL diapers are currently costing more to make than WP or HOBF, despite the fact that WP is a more expensive material. Bottom line - in order to keep PUL diapers as an option, the price will have to increase by $3.75 beginning with Batch 42. As with any price increase throughout Beanpop history, all the options were weighed and efficiencies maximized before considering raising prices.


Announcement 12-29-2015


I have been doing a lot of thinking in regards to undies (mama and kid sizes) and we are making a few necessary changes starting in Batch 41 as well as some back dated changes starting with Batch 35. I want to offer the products we all use, but can't at a loss to my business. So I want to thank all of you for your feedback and for constructive ideas and suggestions regarding the underwear product offerings. Your participation in this community makes it what it is and your questions, concerns, and suggestions have been heard.

Let's discuss the changes that will be implemented as of today (Batch 35): All panties will come standard with an OBV lining from here on out. If you paid for regular knit lining and did not pay the upcharge - I am eating that cost for you so you don't owe anything for those. Remember: only panties come with optional lining. Briefs and boxer briefs do not. 

As of Batch 41(Jan 1st invoicing), prices on ALREADY CLOSED mini group undies will be going up as follows:
Kid Undies: $15
Mama Undies: $20

Also, as of Batch 41 invoicing, previously purchased diaper spots can be converted to undies spots!! You're welcome. 

As of January 1st any NEW GROUPS that are formed or any groups that have NOT CLOSED YET - A new price plan will be put in effect (the packs are same size AND fabric).

Kid Undies:
10 pack: $115 or $11.50/pair
6 pack: $75 or $12.50/pair
3 pack: $45 or $15/pair
1 single pair: $17

Mama Undies:
10 pack: $150 or $15/pair
6 pack: $105 or $17.50/pair
3 pack: $60 or $20/pair
1 single pair: $22

Elastic will be an option at the same $1 upcharge.
Boxer Briefs will cost $2 more due to them taking more time to make than panties or briefs.