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Unicorn Wool Wash

Unicorn Wool Wash

$ 1.63 $ 75.75
A superior wool wash for your knit goods. You can wash everything with this - it's gentle and perfect for your woolies.

From Unicorn Fibre:
The gentle cleaning process, strong enough for rough and tumble knitwear, yet so very gentle on the most delicate fine yarns and hand knit creations..

Cleans and refreshes all wools and synthetic yarns
Rinses clean - does not permit soils to re-adhere to the fiber shaft
Eliminates odors and staining & non-yellowing
Breaks down soils and odor causing bacteria
"Even the most delicate fiber is left clean and bright, with no cuticle damage to cause scratchiness."

Energy saving low suds - HE washer compatible
No phosphates, bleach, ammonia or fillers
Earth Friendly - Biodegradable
Unicorn Fibre Wash cleans and refreshes all wools and synthetic yarns, rinses clean. Eliminates odors and staining, non-yellowing. Breaks down soils and odor causing bacteria. Energy saving low suds - high-efficiency washer compatible. Biodegradable. Earth Friendly.

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